The Latest Number Plates’ Trend in 2019

The effect of technology is everywhere. From getting up in the morning to the good night sleep, it is impossible to take a single step without the help of technology. Even the technology-friendly car has become more advanced with the introduction of 3D and 4D number plates.

Now the beauty of the exterior of your vehicles can be enhanced with the latest technology number plates. The uses of 3D and 4D number plates have become a hot trend in 2019 since they are legal and look amazing.

  • 3D gel letter number plates show off your style:

These types of number plates can easily distinguish your vehicle from others and it is enough to make the other riders feel jealous. 3D gel letter number plates are quite tough. Due to their flexibility, they don’t get damaged easily. If you handle with care, you can use the number plate for years.

  • 4D letters number plates for the fashion freak:

If you want to go with the trend and stay stylish always, install 4D letters number plates today. Since they are legal, you can use them without being worried about any legal hassle. These types of number plates are just appropriate for them who want to maintain their class and show off their standard. However, 4D number plates are fragile. So, you need to take special care if you install this number plate.

Fun facts:

  • Smoke or wind will not be able to blow off your 3D or 4D number plates unless the vehicle is on fire or it is attached loosely.
  • The 4D number plates are nothing but the raised style of 3D font number plates.
  • You should follow a certain rule as per DVLA if you want to go legal.
  • Never rub your number plates while cleaning.

Both 3D and 4D number plates are gaining their popularity and becoming a hot trend because of their aesthetic beauty and hassle-free installation. However, you should choose a quality clinic to make your number plates installation job done efficiently. Couldn’t find one? Count on us today.