Is your car making squeaky noises when turning and it is becoming very annoying? Squeaky noises may mean nothing sometimes but is a cause of concern, most of the time. If left unattended, it may lead to even more severe problems.

What Does Squeaky Steering Wheel Indicates?

Steering wheel making squeaky noises may be a sign of the following issues with your car:

  • Damaged Power steering: Power steering comprises several components. If any of these fails or suffer damages, it could cause an annoying squeaky noise.
  • Low power steering fluid: A leak or untimely inspections may lead to a lack of power steering fluid, which makes a squeaking noise.
  • Contaminated power steering fluid: If debris or any foreign material finds its way into your power steering fluid, it causes unnecessary friction and causes annoying squeaks.
  • Lose of lubrication in the suspension and steering: Lack of lubrication in tie rods, seals, ball bushings, and ball-joints may make squeaky noises when your car is turning left or right.
  • Problem with Ball joints or bushings: Ball joints and ball bushings work closely with the steering wheel and if they fail, they make distinct noises including squeaky ones as well.
  • Faulty steering wheel belt: A worn out or loose steering wheel belt may cause squeaking noise.
  • Tyre rub because of snapped suspension springs: When a broken suspension spring rubs against your tyre, it causes a squeaking noise.
  • New steering wheels: Some material expands because of heat, and a new steering wheel trying to settle into the new trim can make squeaky noises.
  • Sounds made by tyres when touching a certain road surface: Tyres rubbing through the certain road surface when travelling at great speed or turning the wheel when stationary can give out squeaky noise.
  • Have you checked your brakes: Worn out, loose, leaked fluid, rust, and corrosion in your braking system can make squeaking noises.

Our advice is to not take the risk and have any noises diagnosed by professionals and if there are any problems found to get them fixed before it is too late.