These days’ people are much acknowledging the significance of tinting their vehicle’s windows. It not only protects passengers but also gives an edgier look to your vehicle. Some car owners may simply reject the need for tinting, while others are ready to put in a hefty investment. A majority of car owners believe that getting the car window tinted is a long-term investment. The tinting of car windows varies as per the car’s model. Tinting of a hatchback may cost around £200 to £300, including both front and rear windows; while with bigger vehicles, you may have to spend £400 to £500 for both front and rear windows.

However, when you go to tint your vehicle’s window, here are things you need to keep in your mind.

Vehicle Type

As mentioned earlier, vehicle size matters to a great extent when going for the tinting process. In fact, a large section of the work depends on the car type, model, and perhaps even the year of manufacturing. Some car makes, and models are really difficult and consume a lot of time. A good example is that vehicles with curved or steep rear windows (Volkswagen, Beetles, Corvettes) require comprehensive work.

Quality of Tint Films

The cheapest tinting may cover a fraction of the high-end films. However, you need to ensure that you get quality films that last long. The budget may matter in the beginning; however, you may experience bubbles, colour fading, and a drastic reduction in heat protection in the longer run.


Warranties vary from store to store. However, as a customer, you must enquire about the Performance Warranty. Also, some warranties last for a lifetime, whereas some may be valid for as little as a year. Remember, when you go for the cost, don’t forget to remind yourself about special warranties like “Colour Safe Warranty” or “Transferable Warranty.”

Professional Service

Quality window tint shops have an excellent reputation in the market. They have satisfied customers, and they take pride in their work. Also, you need to remember that these quality tint stores won’t come cheap. Therefore, make sure you get the right service.