Roadside assistance can cause quite a scare, leaving you vulnerable to the point of making risky decisions. This is especially if your car breaks down in an area you are not comfortable in or during odd hours such as late at night.

However, with the help of affordable roadside recovery, you can get back on the road as soon as possible. For it to happen, you must remain safe until vehicle recovery in Bolton assistance gets to you.

Among primary safety tips such at such circumstances include:

Stay Calm

It’s normal to feel nervous when your car breaks down, but don’t make the mistake of panicking. Panicking makes the situation really worse, exposing you to more risks as you can’t think clearly.

Stay as calm as possible, weigh the situation and consider the best way to get help.

Pullover In An Open Area

Parking in the dark not only means that your roadside assistance will have a hard time finding you but also exposes you to risks such as carjacking.

If it’s dark, find and park under the streetlight or as far out in the open as you can. Keep the headlights in as well and turn on the hazard lights. Don’t forget to turn off the car engine.

Use Car Safety Kit

If you have a car safety kit, this is actually the time to have it in use. Place the safety triangle around 15 feet behind the car. This helps other drivers to spot the stationary car and avoid all accidents as well as offer assistance if needed.

Stay Inside The Car

After parking and placing your car inside the safety triangle, you must get back and stay inside the car for your own safety. You must ensure that all doors and windows are locked as well.

Contact A Vehicle Recovery Company

Once you settle in, it’s time to call your affordable vehicle recovery in Bolton. During the call, provide as much information as you can to help the roadside recovery company to locate you fast.

As you wait, check regularly to see how far out they are and stay calm.