If you get yourself a brand-new car, you may have this ‘I can’t wait’ feeling to jump into it and cruise around the neighbourhood in the UK. Well, I’d say that’s a good feeling. Everybody feels like that when they newly acquire their new ride, especially if it’s their dream car.   


But, as thrilling as that may sound, driving around in the UK without number plates might land you into trouble. So, I would advise you to wait, do your number plate registration, and place it at the front and back of your car before you jump into it. 

Can I drive in the UK without a number plate?

If you are nursing the question ‘Can I drive without a number plate?’ in your mind, the answer is No.


Let’s face it.


Driving without plate numbers on your car is against the law in the UK. As a standard rule, all vehicles moving on the road must have number plates in the front and back. And, that’s not all about it.

There are other specific rules that you need to put into observation regarding the number plate color, character’s color, and the materials used. 


In the UK, white is the accepted colour for the front number plate while the one at the rear must be yellow, both with black characters on them.

Also, both the white and yellow number plates must be made from a durable reflective material to make the characters on the plate more visible in low lighting conditions. 


Meanwhile, this law is not established just to stress the UK car owners. Instead, it is to make it possible for other drivers and even pedestrians to vividly tell the front of a car from its back after seeing the reflective number plate.

The white and yellow colour system will also make it easier for other drivers and pedestrians to determine whether the car is coming to them or moving away from them. That is why it is easier for car owners to navigate at night.

Is it the same law that binds motorcycles?

If you are riding a motorcycle, you are bound by a different law. From September 1st, 2001, it has become a law that no motorcycle should display a number plate at the front, and a single number plate must be at the rear. Meanwhile, the rear motor bike number plate, like that of vehicles, must be yellow with black characters. Additionally, the plate must be made from a reflexive material to make it more visible at night.


Those that used motorcycles earlier before September 1st, 2001, have enjoyed putting a number plate at the front of their bike. However, it is now against the law.

What happens if you get caught driving without a plate number in the UK?

If you get caught driving in the UK without a number plate, under the new proposal, you will get three penalty points on your licence, and you will also be asked to pay a one hundred pounds fine. Don’t be surprised; that’s what any driver with an obscured or missing number plate gets after violating the law. 


That proposal was made to close the loophole in the UK law and, at the same time, motivate vehicle and motorcycle users to abide by the laws that corner using number plates. 


However, the three points penalty on the driver’s licence is a new bill just at the proposal level. Drivers may have to face that punishment in the next coming months. However, the existing penalty for any driver who moves a car without a number plate is paying a one hundred pounds fine.

What happens if the number plate is illegal?

As much as driving without a number plate attract a fine, the same thing goes with a driver caught with an illegal number plate on the vehicle. The new bill also targets those who use number plates that are not correct with the standard specifications provided by the road management authorities. A number plate can be illegal if:

  • It’s made in the wrong size
  • It comes with an unofficial font type
  • Wrongly spaced, or
  • Having colour-capped screws that affect the appearance of the characters   


If you are caught with any of the above-listed offences, you can be issued a warning notice giving you 14 days to correct the faults without a fine. However, if you are caught repeatedly, you may have to pay a fine for as much as £1, 000 and your personalised number plate might be confiscated.

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