While buying a car, you must choose the best tint that suits the car. It creates an impact on the car’s worth. Today’s popular colour can make your car even more popular to a buyer four years from now.

Sober colours are perfect for retaining in the long term because of their broadest appeal. White, black, silver, blue, and grey are the top shades for new cars. Bright and unusual colours like orange, green, and yellow are not so popular. These are the vivid colours that makeup to a small proportion of car sales.

However, the influence of your car depends on its type. So, there is no single rule for everyone and the body styles should match with a particular shade that is better than others. You must understand what colour suits best for your car model.

Large Cars

The rule of metallic paint and sober shades are perfect for large cars. Used SUVs, saloons, estates, and luxury cars fetch more prices if they are on sale in the most popular shades like white, black, silver, grey, or blue. It is rare to find a large SUV like Peugeot 5008 or a BMW Series in yellow or orange.

Bold and bright colour shades don’t go well if you have a big car. So, it is best to avoid these and you must stick with the most popular, tested, and tried shades combined with metallic paint if conceivable.

Small Cars

Bright colours suit well if you have a small car. You can find city cars like Skoda Citigo or Kia Picanto in red or green shades that are not uncommon. Because of their vibrant paintwork and tiny proportions, young drivers often buy these cars as they mostly favour these kinds of shades.

Large hatchbacks like Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf are a little too big to pull off leftfield paint. It is best to choose the mainstream shades for your car if you need the best value.

Other car styles

If you have a sporty model, then that is an exception to the rule. Coupes, hot hatches, and convertibles can go well with bright colours because of their high performance and sleek exteriors.

Mazda MX-5 or an Audi can still go on bright red or orange but, the other ordinary models would not. It will also suit the most popular shades like silver, grey, black, white, and blue.

Thus, certain shades suit well on specific vehicles, and it can make a vast difference.