Before, it has always been a complete coincidence when number plates sport or resembles a well-known word. These days, the DVLA issues personalized number plates easily as it has become well known over the years. Demand for second-hand number plates began to rise as people started to grow accustomed to uniqueness. In the same light, dealers started to note the amount of money people were willing to commit to the purchase of personalized number plates.

Some plates are considered to be more valuable than others and as expected, dealers started selling and buying special plates depending on their attributes. Although the value of number plates often depends on the buyer, some other reasons are considered too. This means that some are considered to be significantly expensive than others, especially the more sought-after ones. In some cases, personalized number plates are worth more than a vehicle.

What is the worth of a number plate?

To understand the value of a number plate, you need to know about its qualities. Some factors affect the sale of number plates. The higher the demand for a number plate, the higher it’s worth. This brings about competition between buyers and a potential increase in the selling price.

The age of a number plate is also a factor to consider. Dateless number plates are the earliest number plates, and they are often in demand. Dateless number plates have no date indicated on them unlike the current number plates with the prefix and suffix style preceding them. To keep your vehicle’s age a secret, this is a powerful selling point.

In the case of short character number plates, they incur extra costs. They are even costlier when they are old, although some other affects the value of a plate with fewer characters. Also, you can decide to shorten the width of your number plate while still maintaining the appropriate margin around the characters. This offers a smaller number plate due to a predefined number of alphanumeric characters, all to the benefit of the vehicle using it.

Furthermore, a number plate will cost more if it has characters resembling a name, or popular phrase or word.

How to determine the value of my number plate

Before you sell a number plate, it is important to get an accurate valuation of its worth. This process can be time-consuming, as it requires deep research and patience. However, to achieve this in quick time, an expert needs to be consulted. They have the experience to assist you in completing the process quickly. It might involve filling the simple-to-use contact form. For them to get to work, some essential details can be requested. They will help you with the valuation.