As a car owner, you must abide by the traffic rules and regulations of the country. Otherwise, you may have to pay a heart-breaking fine of £1000. That’s a huge amount of money, right? Absolutely. Especially if you are paying that much as a penalty for something that is not your fault. 

In some instances, it doesn’t just end there. You may have to be blamed for some other offences that you did not commit. If you get stopped without realising that your number plates are missing, that is what can happen. 

What seems to be the good news, however, is that you can avoid that terrible occurrence. I mean, you may not have to pay that £1 000 fine or get delayed on the road. That could be possible if you know on time. 

The scenario

So, let’s create a scenario. You are about to leave your house, and just before you jump into your car and zoom off to your destination, you discover that your number plates are no more there – they are missing. 

In that case, what should you be your next line of action? 

Generally, these are what most car owners do:

  • Get angry and start blaming the local defiant youths.
  • Scribble a self-made number plate made of cardboard and put it on the rear parcel shelf


In most cases, most car owners forget first to take the right strep. What’s that?

Call the police and report the missing number plates.

Here is the best advice for you, no matter how hurry you might be for the day, make sure that you first call the police to report missing number plates before entering the rush-hour move.

Of course, it is a brilliant idea to first think about how to improvise and get the new plates, but informing the police about the occurrence is still the first thing to do. 


Here are several reasons you need to take that first step:

  • It will save you from being fined. Of course, your call will not likely ignite a quick response from the local police. But, you already have their consent, you have created a crime number, and the call will also be proof that your number plates have been stolen. 
  • It will help you to avoid being arrested for crimes you didn’t commit. Those crooks in your neighbourhood can steal your number plates and put them on another car that looks exactly like your own. Most times, they use the same make, model, and colour and, when any crime they commit with the car will bring the police to your doorstep. 

What’s next?

Should you drive down to the place where you will get a quick replacement?

Well, that is what most car owners think about as the next line of action. However, it is not a great idea. If you drive your car without the correct number plate style, it can become another offence which may attract a fine of £1 000. 

The best thing in this situation is to avoid driving until you fix the new number plates that come in the right style.

Do you need to go for the replacement in person?

YES! And a capital one, for that matter. Of course, we are in the new technology age where you can do almost everything from the comfort of your home. But, when it comes to replacing your number plates, you might need to be there in person. Why? The primary reason is that the supplier would need to see all the necessary ‘original’ documents that show:

  • The proof of your name and address
  • That you are permitted to use the registration number 

Other necessary documents you will need to get a replacement include:

  • The driving licence 
  • Control tax or rates bill that covers the last six months 
  • Bank statement or building society statement that covers the last six months 
  • National Identity card and more.

Final Words 

The first thing to do when you discover your number plates are missing is to call the police. That way, you will avoid paying fine and being harassed and delayed when you are on your way to accomplishing something urgent. 

Also, it is your responsibility always to check your plates so as not to be caught unaware. Several new technology security devices can alert you when any stranger wants to touch your car.