Car breakdown cover is an actual insurance policy that benefits roadside recovery when any policy holder’s car suffers an unexpected electrical or mechanical malfunction or gets involved in an unfortunate accident.

Having a car breakdown cover can make a vast difference. The best cover will always get you help within an hour of any inconvenience, and the worst cover will leave you stranded at the roadside for hours. So, it is crucial that you choose the best cover for yourself.

Kinds of car breakdown cover

Third-party cover

In this breakdown cover, you have to pay an annual fee. When your car breaks down because of unfortunate circumstances, the provider will either tow the vehicle to a garage or attempt to fix the vehicle at the roadside. The RAC, AA, and Green Flag are well-known and reliable third-party providers.


This breakdown cover is like the third-party cover, but less expensive. The annual fee you pay in this cover is typically less than the previous one. If your car breaks down, pay the expense incurred for roadside repair, and then you can claim it back.

Carmaker cover

When you buy a brand-new car, it may come with a free breakdown cover offered by the manufacturer. The manufacturer provides you with the cover, but a third-party provider gives the basic service.

Car breakdown cover levels

Roadside assistance (basic cover)

A tow truck will come to tow your vehicle to the nearby local garage, or professional technicians will be sent your way to fix the car on site. If your car broke down within a mile of your home, this cover is not applicable.

Home cover

A more significant number of people call for their car breakdown service when they are at home. This pricey upgrade to basic cover is for you if you desire to get the work done from your home.

National recovery

It provides nation-wide service. If you get stranded anywhere, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage of your destination, and you (with co-passengers) will be transported back to your destination.

Personal cover

You can call for a breakdown service, no matter the car you are in or whether you are the driver or the passenger. This cover is not limited to a specific vehicle.

Now that you have the basic idea about the breakdown cover you can get in 2021, call a service provider to get detailed information.