The dashboard camera, or dashcam, has become increasingly popular in recent years mainly because of the numerous benefits it offers. A dashcam is a relatively new technology that involves a camera mounted on your vehicle’s dash, pointing outwards and capturing everything in range. To simply put it, a dashcam serves as a silent witness to everything happening in the surrounding. It documents your journey on the road unobtrusively.

A dashcam usually works by drawing power from the electrical system of your vehicle. Some models include backup batteries to enable recording even when the car loses power. Here are a few reasons to consider to set up a dashboard camera:

  • Record car accidents: It provides real-time, straight-to-the-point, efficient proof in case of car accidents. Footage from a dashboard camera provides an accurate and precise portrayal of what happened during any collision, mainly eliminating unnecessary fights.
  • Ticket to win a court case: A recording of an incident is the only backup of your side of the story when you have been charged for a traffic violation even though you are not at fault.
  • Capturing unexpected things: A lot of incredible, cool, and crazy events can take place while you’re driving. Whipping out your phone to capture such events may not always be possible. Having a dashcam will enable you to have easy access to the recording you could not have captured otherwise.
  • Prevent fraud: The world is full of deceitful people who try to trick innocent people. You may come across someone who purposely causes an accident to extort money from you. A dashcam recording prevents you from such an unpleasant situation. An accurate recording of the events doesn’t allow deceptive people to take advantage of you.

To sum it all up, a dashcam is an excellent investment, mainly because it is loaded with numerous benefits despite being cost-effective. It has an uncomplicated design, consisting of a fixed-lens digital camera and a microphone, and can be installed on the dashboard of your car within seconds.

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