3D gel plate

It has become a requirement under UK law since 1904 for number plates to be displayed on vehicles. This is to ensure accountability in unforeseen circumstances.

There are rules that must be followed by drivers as regards the display of number plates. For a vehicle owner to display 3D number plates, they must adhere to the UK laws as detailed by the DVLA.

What the law stipulates about 3D number plates

3D style number plate is a stylish way to display your car’s index marks, but will it pass the MOT test?

They are legal and can be used on UK roads but they must conform to the rules laid down by the Motor Car Act.

One of the rules is that the registration must be displayed in black characters on a white plate at the front of the vehicle and on a yellow plate at the back, while maintaining a certain hieight and width between characters.

Will 3D gel number plates pass an MOT?

3D gel style number plates have a polyurethane gel that coats sheet-cut alphanumeric characters on a number plate.

It is a specially crafted high-quality number plate that meets the standard of BSAU British safety standards. It can be used accordingly as long as it doesn’t break the law overseeing UK number plates which include using Charles Wright font.

Also, to cut costs because it can be expensive, you can display 3D alphanumeric characters by using a two-tone effect without a gel resin raise.

Rolls Royce number plate

Will 3D carbon number plates pass an MOT?

3D carbon number plates also have raised characters on the registration plate to create a 3D effect.

It’s a popular choice amongst premium plates users in the UK. Carbon number plates display characters on the number plates in black and the Charles Wright font.

You will fail the MOT test if you display your 3D carbon number plate in another colour or a different font. Also, the number plate becomes illegal when another background pattern is used.

What is the legal number plate size?

In the UK, the size of the characters on the number of pates matter more than the plate’s dimension. The characters must be of the same height. Plates numbers bought January 1st, 1973 and September 1st, 2001 should have characters of 89 mm in height while those that were bought afterwards can have a height of 79 mm to be considered legal.

There needs to be a level of consistency with the characters’ to avoid fines or go against the law. The spacing between characters depending on the period it was purchased. Registered plates after September 1st 2001 and before January 1st 1973 should have 11mm in spacing and 33mm between the age identifier and memory tag.

Those that were registered between January 1st 1973 and September 1st 2001 must have 13mm between one another and have 38mm between the age identifier and memory tag.

Furthermore, to pass the MOT test, your number plate must leave a margin of 11mm on all sides of the registration number when fitted.

Will tinted number plates pass an MOT?

You will be breaking the law if your vehicle’s number plate is obscured, which means tinted number plates might not pass the MOT test.

The same goes for cracked or damaged plates. It became a cause for concern with the advent of 3D and 4D plates as this style of lettering are not impeded by tinting the plate.

Tinted plates still have visible characters on the registration plate owing to the nature of this design style. Often, it passes an MOT but should mainly be used for show plates and not for use on the road.

Why choose 3D number plates?

It’s important to know the laws governing the use of number plates as regards the size, colour and shape of the alphanumeric characters displayed on them.

A failure to abide by these rules results in a failed MOT test which means you are breaking the law and you can be fined up to £1,000 for it.

However, there are legal ways to go about the usage of 3D number plates without breaking the law. 3D number plates make you stand out from the crowd.

A distinct style of number plate can raise your profile on the road. It’s also a perfect way to enhance a private number plate. As you have done the needful by selecting the plate you cherish, displaying it in 3D will add a touch of class. It’s one of the best formats available.

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