Your Guide to Alloy Wheel Painting

The striking look of painted alloys wheels can make or break a car’s appearance. Damages like kerb scuffs and scratches on your alloys wheels may ruin the stunning look of your car. It is worth paying a professional for repairing and painting your alloy wheels because they bring the best out of your alloy wheels, however, if you are confident and have the required materials you could paint your alloys at home.

As painting alloy wheels are a lot harder than it looks and sounds, it is advisable to get professional help from our specialists who are trained to provide the highest quality of painted alloy wheel finish. We also guarantee our quality with a lifetime warranty.

Painting your alloys at home

One benefit of doing your alloys yourself is likely to cost less than it would be to call in a professional. One question still remains is, will you be able to achieve the same quality as a highly trained professional? Probably not, and that is where the problem arises. Another issue you might face when painting your alloy wheel at home is re-balancing them before fitting them back into your car. We all understand the importance of balanced alloy wheels, so this turns out to be a major issue when painting alloys at home. If you paint alloy wheels at home, it will be very time-consuming and labour intensive.

Painting alloy wheel professionally with Number Plate Clinic

One letdown of calling a professional for painting your alloy wheel is it will cost more than a DIY alloy repair job. But Number Plate Clinic has a solution with our SMART alloy wheel repairs where the repairs and paint jobs are limited to damaged area which saves both time and money.

Our professional alloy wheel repair and the paint job is by far of a higher quality as our technicians go through an extensive process ensuring our work is fully guaranteed.

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